Vibrant Living Programme

Welcome to Vibrant Living​

If you've been wondering how to take care of yourself in this increasingly busy and hectic world? You've found the right place!

What is the Vibrant Living Programme?

Are you looking to make a change in your life? Maybe you'd like to lose some excess weight, sleep deeply, eat well, have more energy, find purpose to your life? 

Often I find that people like you want to make a change but aren't clear about how to get started. There may also be some trepidation in taking the steps, because you have tried before and not got the results you want.


These are some of the reasons I created the Vibrant Living Programme. How would it feel to be guided through the steps that take you from overwhelm to stability, from worry to confidence, from scattered attention to clear focus?


That exactly what you'll get from this transformational journey through Vibrant Living, guided by me and supported by other like minds.

What is special about Vibrant Living?

If you've ever tried to change something in your life, you'll know how hard it is to do that on your own. The special thing about Vibrant Living is that we'll be working together as a group with a common intention. Research in behavioural science tells us that the quickest and easiest way to make a change is to do it together with a like-minded group. We'll use the understanding from this research to support our group learning of deep self care. Together we'll use this wisdom to automate our mundane routines to free up your energy and open up space for your mind to concentrate on the important things you have to do it in the world.

How does the programme work?

My belief is that quick-fixes don't work. In Vibrant Living, we'll take our time to learn and absorb the method. We will practice for ourselves, while coming together weekly to offer support and be supported by our dynamic group.  We are in this for ourselves but also for the collective. It is incredible how much more we can achieve being part of and being bolstered by the ClareCare community.


"It's been years since I felt so good: lighter, sprightlier, more energetic! The [Vibrant Living programme has] helped me at work and in my private life: I wake more easily; I feel clearer and more rested; I draw more boundaries with my busy work schedule and business trips; I eat better and shifted excess weight without focusing on weight-loss.. After years of choosing work over life, I truly feel more like myself again. 

"If you're feeling sluggish and that negative self talk has gotten the better of you, sign up to Vibrant Living! Get your energy back with simple (but also challenging) tweaks to your daily routines. If you are not looking after number 1 - who will? Learning to be kind to yourself is a revelation... Weekly group calls led by Clare - your down to earth, no-nonsense coach, will inspire and make you accountable. I joined thinking "not sure, but why the hell not", so if you are wavering, I urge you to take the plunge. You have everything to gain."

Sonja, Edinburgh

Book a Complimentary Clarity Session

with Clare 


Before joining the VIbrant Living Programme, I like us to get

know each other a bit more.

To help that process, I have created a short discovery questionnaire, which allows you to tell me what you need most help with.

Pick a date from my calendar and I'll send you the questionnaire ahead of our meeting.​

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