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Hear what members are saying about their experience of being part of the Vibrant Living Programme?

Sonja, January 2019

It's been years since I felt so good: lighter, sprightlier, more energetic! The 10 habits have helped me at work and in my private life: I wake more easily; I feel clearer and more rested; I draw more boundaries with my busy work schedule and business trips; I eat better and shifted excess weight without focussing on weight-loss; I now meditate daily, it has become a much loved keystone habit; and I'm even going to bed earlier - I had never even questioned my routine... After years of choosing work over life, I truly feel more like myself again. 


If you're feeling sluggish and that negative self talk has gotten the better of you, sign up to Vibrant Living! Get your energy back with simple (but also challenging) tweaks to your daily routines. If you are not looking after number 1 - who will? Learning to be kind to yourself is a revelation... Weekly group calls led by Clare, your down to earth, no-nonsense coach, will inspire and make you accountable. I joined thinking "not sure, but why the hell not", so if you are wavering, I urge you to take the plunge. You have everything to gain.

Adele, January 2019

I signed up for Vibrant Living originally to help with my sleeping and eating habits, but have gained so much more.  My sleep has improved massively, and even on the nights where I am maybe awake more than I would like, I am still relaxed and able to concentrate on my breathing knowing eventually I will drop off again. 

My eating habits are also much better, I eat more regularly, no grazing throughout the day like I used to.  The cooking part is also getting better, but I do need to branch out more and try cooking new things. Very much the goal for this year.

I am exercising regularly, which again is a huge change for me, and really feeling the benefit.  I am drinking water, again completely new to me. I know, hard to believe I got to this stage in my life without it. So this obviously helps my digestion and my skin - two things  I’ve had problems with all my life. Between water and oiling, my skin has never been better.  

To say I feel like a different person than the one I was at this time last year would be an understatement.  Apart from the physical benefits, I feel calmer and much less stressed. All in all, yes the best decision I ever made. So even signing up for this looking for improvements in certain areas in my life, I’ve got that and huge improvements in areas I didn’t know I needed or wanted.

Lynette, July 2019

I've been doing this course with you now for 6 months and I can really see now what a difference it is making in my life. I am giving more focus to those things which nurture me and letting go more and more of those things which are not. I am physically healthier, doing more movement and loving it which is a very different experience for me as an "exercisephobe". I was always a morning person but my new morning routine means I not only start my day early but with a real boost of energy. I am mentally healthier, practising meditation/sitting in silence daily and feeling the benefit of opening up more space in my life. My relationships with those around me have become more joyful and less stressful than they were before. I am constantly seeing myself evolve and getting a clearer and clearer idea of who I am and what I want. I am, for the first time in a long time, confident that I can and will take steps to becoming more of what I want to be. I wanted it before but had no idea of how to move towards it or what was holding me back.And then there is the fabulous group of real people of all types and backgrounds making the changes alongside me and being led so wonderfully by you, providing support, ideas and laughs. What a treat to be part of such a community and this is, I think, the single biggest factor in the wonderful changes I have seen and felt in the last 6 months.

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