Why do I care about you losing weight?

In January, weight loss is the hot topic. I’ve seen it all over Facebook, I got leaflets through my door and I also heard my work colleagues discussing it. The way I see and hear it discussed is all about food, restriction and denial. It’s more about how you look rather than how you feel and that makes me sad.

I have also been posting about weight loss. I created an ebook to help people start their journeys to losing weight. It’s not a recipe card nor does it make a list of the ‘good’ foods and ‘bad’ foods. In fact, it doesn’t talk about food at all. It is much more of an invitation to you to use your own sense of what you intuitively want and gives you some ways to align with those desires. Yoga and Ayurveda steer us to use our instinct to tackle problems such as excess weight and I set out to help you have much more gentle experience of the process.

So why do I care, and I really do, whether or not you lose weight? There is so much negativity, in general, in the world but especially around body shaming and body image. There is much less about how to help you get in touch with the way you want to feel and how to nurture and support those feelings.

Being over-weight brings about feelings of shame, guilty, worthlessness, low self-esteem and worry. I know. I’ve been there! There’s worry about what people think, worry about what to eat and what not to eat, worry about the impact of bad food choices, worry about how you look, worry about the future and all the things that may happen because you are overweight, worry about money since you’re spending all your money trying to cover up the issues. The list goes on.

We are programmed to feel good, so all of this worry and the bad feelings lead to more over-spending and more over-eating as a way to pacify your poor nervous system and all in an effort to feel better. It’s not a healthy mind-set and doesn’t tackle the problem.

In contrast, living at your optimal weight (this may not be super model skinny!), living in a way that is much more aligned with your natural body and more in line with the way you want to feel, makes room for more of you. You begin to feel happy and at ease within yourself and feeling that things are as they should be. You have a lightness in your body, mind and spirit which means you can be fully you! No hiding, no worrying, just you in all your glory! This in turns frees up your energy to concentrate on how you can be a positive influence in the world. You become a powerful and positive role model for your family and friends, everyone gets healthier and your positive impact on the world starts to make itself felt. That’s why I care. This crazy world needs a more vibrant you!

Do you want some of that? Are you ready for the big leap into your positive, happy version of yourself?

If you haven’t already downloaded the ebook, you can get it here and it’s totally free.

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