Who do You know That needs Yoga Nidra?

The sun is shining brightly this morning as I write this. It must've been all our good work at Yoga Nidra Tuesday earlier this week! I know I certainly felt brighter and more positive after it.

I wonder who you know that needs a bit of Yoga Nidra sunshine? The world is getting a lot more intense, with constant news about the cost of living crisis, the continued war in Europe, chaos at airports and weather that's....well....not very summer-like. All that negative messaging can really shake up your nervous system, add pressure to your plans and make for a feeling of stressful uncertainty. Some of us cope better than others. Those of you who regularly attend our Yoga Nidra classes are probably doing pretty well, but I'm sure there are those in your life who are worried, stressed and scared for their future. Why not invite them to join you and us on Tuesdays or Thursdays for Yoga Nidra.

As you already know, Yoga Nidra is such a gentle practice that works to relax a tense nervous system. It is like a caring mother tending to her sick child, soothing and easing the pain, stress and discomfort. She has such a light touch that, from the outside, you're not aware that she is reaching deep into your core, having a deeply healing impact on your poor over-taxed body and mind. She is gently, tenderly reviving your energy and your sense of well-being. You, as the sick child, are able to rest comfortably in the state of yoga nidra, feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that the mother - Yoga Nidra - has you in her loving arms. And after a short 20 minutes in the embrace of Yoga Nidra, how revived and revitalised you feel. The negative feelings have floated away replaced by a lightness of spirit. There is no better feeling.

If you have someone in mind that needs a sprinkling of Yoga Nidra in their lives, please direct them here to book a class:

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