What is an Ayurvedic Cleanse

Does the mere thought of cleansing turn you off or sound too extreme? Don’t judge too soon!

I’ve spoken before about the types of extreme cleansing I’ve done in the past: - Water fasting, juice cleansing, cleansing using bentonite clay shakes! Those ARE extreme and I definitely wouldn’t recommend them for the ordinary human, who has a life, a job, kids and the like. But an Ayurvedic cleanse is different.

Since 2014, I’ve done this type of cleanse in Spring and Autumn every year. I look forward to it as my reset, my me-time. I find it so useful to reset my habits twice a year. To take stock. To catch those things that are starting to creep in wrong direction and redirect them.

So, what’s involved? I’ve laid this out over a 3-week period to create space and ease. In the first part, you take time to prepare, to get your body, mind, your kitchen and your calendar ready. Next, we drop into the main part of the cleanse and enjoy simple meals of kitchari – the food of the yogis (we supply the recipe and ingredients list). The last part of the cleanse is to gently ease back to your every-day life, refreshed and clear and with some new habits and perspectives. You can follow me and do this over a 3-week period or you can reduce or extend the period to suit your schedule.

When we hear the word ‘cleanse’ we usually think – FOOD! And yes, the Ayurvedic cleanse is eating a simple mono-diet of rice and mung beans called kitchari, but you don’t have to do that. You could do something like not eat sugar or not drink alcohol for the period. It’s really up to you. The thing I like most about the kitchari mono-diet is that is works well to cleanse the body but is practical and achievable for anyone who lives an ordinary life in the world with all the responsibilities that comes with that. One thing you may be wondering about…. will I be hungry? I think this is the beauty of the Ayurvedic cleanse – you eat 3 meals a day!

So, if you’re looking to looking to shake of a few bad habits or take a great leap forward in your health, why not consider joining in the fun of our Spring Gentle Ayurvedic cleanse.

Ready to sign up? Click HERE for details.

Online Ayurvedic Gentle Spring Cleanse starting on 13/3/2020 Cost £35

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