What else is going on while you eat?

I’ve started a practice of mindful eating in the evenings. It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In this age of technology and distraction, we have been trained to keep busy, multi-task and get more done. All of this isn’t helping us stay healthy. Our minds are full, we are overwhelmed by all we have to do in a day, we’re exhausted and our digestion, and therefore our health, is suffering.

My mindful eating practice requires me to sit down and eat my food and do NOTHING else until either the food is finished or I’m full. No chat, no TV, no music, no phone, no book. Just me and my food. Not easy! At the moment, I’m failing more often than not, but that’s why I’m calling this a practice. The phone buzzes with a text message, I find myself unconsciously checking emails…you know how that goes.

But during the times I’ve managed it, I been amazed by two things:

1. How tasty the food is. With full attention on the food, I’ve found myself noticing each individual taste, chewing more and savouring the tastes in my mouth. You might know that the mouth is the only place from where we taste, so why not keep the food there for longer allowing the saliva to begin the process of digestion.

2. How quickly I get full. Again with my attention solely on what I’m eating, I have begun to realise I need far less food to be full and satisfied. Auyrveda suggests you watch for that first little ‘burp’ to show you that your stomach is full enough to stop eating. Anymore and you begin to stretch the stomach itself.

I’m going to keep practicing and aim to hone this skill. Do you fancy joining me?

Lots of love

Clare Fulton

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