Water Water Everywhere

Have you been feeling a little emotional in the last while? It's really no wonder with all this rain!

Watery emotions seem to be prominent in my awareness just now, as we head towards autumn and more COVID restrictions. The water element is known to be cleansing and detoxing – just think about how much water you need to feel better after a heavy night out 😊 Water helps to flush out the kidneys and helps to wash away all that needs to be cleaned up. Water is also known to be soft and yielding as it makes it way down stream on the path of least resistance, all the while smoothing the sharp edges of rocks and stones.

It’s easy to get upset and depressed when things aren’t going so well or your circumstances are pulling you down. At times like these I dig into my toolkit of yoga practices. My go-to is my physical yoga practice. Making your body sweat, on the yoga mat or in some other way, is a great strategy for releasing excess water. You might surprise yourself at how great it feels to get hot and sweaty and how it quickly changes the heaviness of your mood. I also like to lift my spirits by chanting mantras or the yoga sutras but you don’t have to get all fancy, you could just sing your favourite chart topping anthem. I know it’s not allowed in public at the moment, but you could definitely sing it loud in the shower. A practice like yoga nidra is also a really efficient and gentle way to rest and recalibrate. It has the quiet power to shift the mind and lighten the load without focusing at all on any of your problems, If all else fails, let the tears flow! It’s an easy way to release the watery feelings and with it any excess hormones. I consider this to be a yoga practice too and it goes a long way towards healing.

Write back to me and let me know your way of managing your uncomfortable emotions. I’d love to hear from you.

With love

Clare x

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