Tuned to the Moon

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have fun periods of growth and flow in your life when everything is going so well. Times when you can work hard and feel like you can manage anything that is coming your way. Isn’t that feeling so good?! To me, it feels confidence boosting and inspiring and if that’s how you are currently feeling, my advice is enjoy, celebrate AND get busy doing what you set out to do.

Like all things, these feelings don’t last. Like the waxing of the moon, you’ll reach your fullness in this particular cycle and then everything begins to wane. Things begin to get a little tiring, you might feel a little stuck, the ideas are not so quick to come and you begin to second guess your plans and creations. This is the point which you may experience feelings of frustration about not moving forward, self-pity at how hard it is, you may be berating yourself for not finishing what you started. You might even want to curl up in a ball and give it all up! Not so euphoric now are we 😊

Of course, these cycles won’t always be so dramatic, but I’ve been noticing how they exist nonetheless, and I’ve come to realise how important it is for me to recognise and take care of them. In the past I’ve been trained to ‘push through’, ‘just get it done’ and the ‘you can rest later’ mentality. I’m not sure about you, but that attitude really doesn’t serve me very well. If I do push through and get it done, I end up more tired and burned out and it takes me ages to get going again. Our culture doesn’t value the down cycle.There are no prizes for rest and recuperation, but I’ve noticed that when I take the time during the down swing to be quiet, to do less and rejuvenate, I emerge with more energy and resilience.

It may take you some time to notice the waning cycle, but once you tune into it, you’ll catch it before it floors you. Normally I can tell from a shift in my emotional state. I notice that the inner critic begins to talk louder: “You’re so bad at that!”, “Why can’t you get that right!”, “How come other people can do that and you can’t!”. These are hardly questions but instead self-flagellations. Instead, you may experience it more as feelings of being alone with it all, feelings of being stuck in the mire or feeling so overwhelmed by all that you have to do that you don’t know what to do first. All of these are signs that perhaps you need a break. So why not take a day off, have a lie in or a hot bath with your favourite essential oils or a walk at the beach or in the trees. You might find that’s all you need to catapult you back to the waxing cycle with a skip in your step.

Happy full moon and St Andrews Day

With Love

Clare x

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