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Members of my coaching programme have told me that they can hardly believe the results that they are getting. Curious as I am, I asked them why and they told me that, prior to working with me, they had no reasons or evidence in their past to expect these results in their future. In other words, they didn’t trust themselves!

How easy it is to lose trust in ourselves. We try, we fail, we might even try again but when it doesn’t work, we give up. It’s weird that we’re taught that failing is final, instead of failing being a natural part of the process of learning. How would we have walked or talked or any of the myriad things we learned to do as children, without failing first? Instead we get back on our feet and try again until we can walk.

But I can understand why you wouldn’t trust yourself. Like my members said, you may have no reasons from your past experience to help you have faith in your future. Often, we need a helping hand to keep us steady, to show us the way, to model the behaviours. If you feel like this, you might consider working with a coach. I, myself, have worked with coaches for many years now and I always find it such a worthwhile investment in time and money. It’s amazing how another person can help you cut right through the problem you’ve been wrestling with for so long. I find it so useful to help open my mind, see issues from a different angle and most of all feel supported while doing things a bit different.

So what results are my members getting with Vibrant Living?

They’ve lost weight without focusing on weight loss. They’re sleeping better than they ever have in their lives. They are much less stressed even at a time like this. They are eating better, without focusing on fad diets and have more energy for the things they most want to do. Members regularly tell me ‘I feel more like myself!’. Maybe a strange thing to say, but when was the last time you felt like your happy self?

If you’re finding it hard to get what you want, why not trust me to help you regain your self-belief. I offer one-to-one and group life and health coaching helping people feel more like themselves. Find out about Vibrant Living Programme here: or book a complimentary Clarity Session with me here.

With love

Clare x

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