Practical Ayurveda

Are you like me and get bored by theories and details before you understand the practical application of something?

That’s how I started to learn Ayurveda. I had heard the word Ayurveda and I knew that it sat alongside yoga, but it didn’t really interest me too much until I got in with both feet. I’d done some reading on Ayurveda and found it a bit heavy and boring but my first real breakthrough experience of it was in 2014 when I decided to do an Ayurvedic cleanse and you don’t get much more practical that that! I’ll tell you more details about what an Ayurvedic cleanse is in another post. However, that first cleanse was the step that I needed to take me into the next part of my life. It wasn’t so much that I lost weight, which I did, but it set me out on a path of deep healing. I was already regularly practicing yoga and so I had some tools for the body but my relationship with food wasn’t great, I was working all hours, I was taking on everyone else’s problems and felt responsible for fixing them (the problems and the people!), my energy was scattered in a million directions, I wasn’t enjoying life as much as I used to and I was just plain exhausted!

Is your life on a path that no longer feels right? Are there parts of your life you wish were different? Are you experiencing pain in your body? Is your energy unpredictable, your moods and emotions erratic?

An Ayurvedic cleanse is a great leap forward in your health. A dedicated period where you give time and attention to you and your health. It shows you how life could be and gives you confidence that you can take charge of how you live, the choices you make and the experiences you have. It’s a pause that gives you a glimpse of how it could feel to be healthy and pain free and introduces you to the tools you need to make that your long-term experience.

Each Spring and Autumn, I partner with the wonderful folks at Meadowlark, to offer the Gentle Ayurvedic cleanse. Since it’s an online experience, we’ve made it super easy and accessible for you to do it from the comfort of your own home. It’s low cost but big value to make it easy for you to jump in.

Want to know more? Click HERE for all the details.

Online Ayurvedic Gentle Spring Cleanse starting on 13/3/2020 Cost £35

​What are you waiting for?

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