Listen to Yourself

In this busy world, we get caught up and taken along with the whirlwind of activities and responsibilities that make up our lives. There is hardly any time to take a quiet moment to tune into ourselves and our real needs.

When was the last time you stopped and dropped your attention into your body to hear it speak? The body has wisdom to share but the thing is, the body doesn't usually speak in words. It has it's own language - a pain, a tightness, an ache, an indescribable longing. These are some examples of how the body tries to communicate with us and it often falls on deaf ears. We've not only lost our ability to listen, but we've also lost our skills at interpreting the communications of our bodies.

It might sound a bit 'out there', but how about you stop, get quiet and listen. In fact don't just listen, use ALL of your senses. You might find that this isn't easy at first. Our minds love to tell us that we should feel something in particular or something should happen and try to rush us along, after all there is so much else to be done today. However, once you practice and hone this skill of taking time, using all your senses to pay attention, I've found that changes happen naturally. Things like this happen: the pain goes away, it changes or moves, or perhaps something occurs to be to do next. A hit of inspiration or intuition comes about the next steps for me to take. It seems all very magical but also very practical. You just 'know' what to do next.

Yoga Nidra can be a bit like this. It can provide the impetus for you to stop and take time for yourself. It can allow your mind to quieten and make room for your intuition. Often I emerge from a Yoga Nidra practice knowing exactly what to do next or maybe I have a dream that night and wake up with an answer to the question I never knew I had. And all of this without any mental, physical or emotional effort. So in a way, it is magic!

If you'd like to experience Yoga Nidra with me as your guide, you can book your place here: You'll be most welcome.

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