If you don’t change anything, nothing changes

As a coach, I help people with many different issues and problems, but a problem that comes up time and again is a lack of time. This is so much of a problem now that they even gave it a term of its own – overwhelm. Overwhelm has synonyms such as overpower, overcome, engulf, annihilate, crush! No wonder it doesn’t feel good to be in overwhelm. Left unaddressed, overwhelm becomes a vicious cycle. The more overwhelm, the less clarity there is > the less clarity, the more you feel overwhelmed and your life begins to feel out of control. And so the cycle continues until either you break completely (ie you get ill) or you make a life changing decision.

If you look deeper at the issue of overwhelm, you’ll see that it is actually one of space (or the lack of space) to think. Clear thinking needs space and focus. Unfortunately, our current environments are set up to be distracting. With our phones pinging with notifications about our latest ‘likes’, breaking news, or podcast, TV and radio advertising their latest ways to make us feel better, eat more or the gadget to ease our stresses.

When was the last time that you spent some time thinking, free from distraction or interruptions?

Thinking clearly helps you gain clarity which in turn allows you to prioritise. Now with priorities, you can formulate a plan on how you can create stability and happiness.

I know that stuff is often hard to do on your own, especially when you already feel overwhelmed, but guiding people through this process is a strong skill of mine. It’s why I want to offer you a complimentary clarity session with me that will help you get out of the mire of confusion and into a place of clear thinking, to get you back in charge of your life. I’d love you to take me up on my offer.

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