I love helping people transform… and weight loss is just the beginning.

I started the yoga practice somewhere around 2005. Back then, I was overly emotional (think crying whenever someone looked at me the wrong way), I was much more sensitive than was healthy (I took EVERYthing to heart) and I was easily knocked off balance. I was scared (of just about everything), weak (in body and mind) and easily led (a whole other story!).

During these past 15 or so years, I have dedicated my early mornings to the challenging practice of Ashtanga Yoga in the Mysore style. More recently, but just as significant, I began studying and practicing Ayurveda (the science of life) to help me sort out the other 22 hours of the day. These two together are my superpowers and have helped transformed me into the strong, confident and self-assured woman I am today. I have built strength in my body and mind and I have clarity in my habits and actions and a purpose to keep me focused. My other superpower is that I love to learn and have devoted most of my adult life to learning how to care for myself, how my mind works, countless other courses and programs. I have invested heavily and significantly to understand and care for me! In more recent years, I’ve been learning how to share all that I know from Yoga and Ayurveda, to help other people transform, and help them make a better, more satisfying life for themselves and it’s working!

Here’s what my current members are saying:

“I…cannot believe the differences that Vibrant Living has made to my outlook on life”. “I feel much the better”, “I am…seeing myself evolve and getting a clearer…idea of who I am and what I want. I am, for the first time in a long time, confident that I can and will take steps to becoming more of what I want to be. I wanted it before but had no idea of how to move towards it or what was holding me back”,

When I teach in the Mysore room or lead the Sunday Ashtanga Basics at Meadowlark, I definitely feel the joy of sharing what I know about the yoga practice. However, my main love, is helping people transform their lives outside of the yoga room and I do this through my coaching program Vibrant Living. It is a transformational experience where you invest a year to your self-care. You learn to get in touch with your intuition, your deep needs and desires and then shift your actions and your daily habits to live in line with what you want. You begin to live happier and healthier and your life opens up to new possibilities.

“To say I feel like a different person than the one I was at this time last year would be an understatement.”

“It's been years since I felt so good: lighter, sprightlier, more energetic!”.

Does self-care sound frivolous and all very well for those with time? Well, this way of living actually saves time and money. It will help you feel so much more like yourself again that’ll you’ll want to keep going for another year, just like my current graduating members.

Vibrant Living is starting again in February and I don’t want you to miss out.

Take the first step towards a happier healthier you by booking yourself into my calendar.

It’s easy. Click here and pick a suitable slot for us to have a chat about your deep desires.


Clare x

PS In case you missed it, click here to access my gentle weight loss e-book. It's free.

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