How do you celebrate your successes?

Today I’m celebrating me! Why? Because, I recently got certified as a Yoga Health Coach!

This didn’t come easy. It was year and a half of intense study, doing things I wasn’t comfortable with but doing them anyway. I did it and feel really proud of myself.

How am I celebrating? I’m taking time off. I’ve noticed that celebrating in our culture usually means going out – out for drinks, out for food, partying – but I’ve decided to stay at home, make nourishing food, put my feet up and listen to music. This is how I like to celebrate my success. The year of training was hard work both mentally and emotionally and I’m tired. It seems obvious – you’re tired so rest. But do you do that? We’ve been trained to always be on our A-game, pushing through, multitasking, doing more in less time. I’ve been learning from Ayurveda that our natural way is pulsation. After we’ve been busy, we need to rest. All busy and no rest leads to burn-out. All rest and no busy leads to stagnation. What do you need today?

What is a Yoga Health Coach? I lead people into vibrant health through a programme based on yoga and Ayurvedic wisdom and you don’t need to know anything about either to join in.

People who have been working with me are losing weight, sleeping better, eating better and feeling more like themselves. If you are interested in finding out more I’d love to talk to you about how you want to feel.

Have a great week.


Clare x

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