Snack Attack

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Would you add dry rice to a pot of partially cooked rice and continue cooking?

Of course you wouldn’t! But if you did, I doubt you’d enjoy the result - partly overcooked, partly undercooked rice…yuk!

This is what happens in your digestive system when you snack between meals. Each meal takes around 3-4 hours to digest from the stomach and pass into the small intestine for absorption. If you have a little something – a biscuit, some chocolate, a scone – within that 3-4 hours window, you are likely to suffer effects like bloating, gas and poor nutrition from your otherwise nutritious food.

It may sound really boring to do without your ‘wee treat’ in the mid-afternoon, but you probably won’t need it if your meals are nourishing and satisfying. If you still fancy a little bit of something sweet (like I often do!), try having your sweet thing right after your meal and then be done. And the benefits, apart from much better nutrition and great energy, you don’t have to think about food for another 3-4 hours!

Have a great week


Clare x

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