Does the Universe Have Your Back?

There’s a theory in ‘new age’ thinking that the Universe has got your back. Instead of ‘Universe’ you could insert ‘God’, ‘spirit’, ‘life’ or anything else that might resonate with you.

But how many of us really live like we believe that we are supported in this way? Do you feel that things happen for you not to you? Although it’s not always easy, that is the invitation. This theory points to the fact that no matter how challenging things get, this experience is happening to help you learn, grow or to get your attention. It’s not always obvious so I thought I’d share a couple of examples:

  • I went to the hairdresser’s last week TWICE. The first time the colour didn’t take properly, and I was back in the chair the following day. Yes, I could’ve done without going a second time but sitting in the chair on that second day, I realised that I could take the time to relax and enjoy the experience. The moment I made that decision, I realised just how tired I was and decided to have the rest of the day off. That was a definite lesson in taking care of myself.

Have you ever taken ages to work on something only to realise later that your document didn’t save or got corrupted? Most of us would probably get angry, shout and swear, try all the ways to recover the doc and fail! However, if you believe life has your back, maybe this happened to ensure you learn how to do that job at a deep level or learn the contents well. In both of these scenarios, you have to redo the work, but each have very different energies.

In this ‘the universe has my back’ way of thinking, there’s a quality of relaxation, since you believe you are well supported. You still must take the necessary actions to move on from whatever has happened, but the suggestion is that you don’t have to struggle or fight it. You can choose ease, even when things are not going to plan or feel hard.

I used fairly mundane examples here and deliberately so. My belief is that this way of thinking is a mindset and a choice. But I have found that it is way of being that takes some practice and so, I invite you practice on the trivial and the mundane. That way when something more serious comes up, you’ll have had loads of experience in trusting that the universe has your back.

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