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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

When was the last time you took a break? Not a holiday kind of break but a pause from your usual life.

In the Yoga and Ayurveda circles, it is usual to mark the change between summer and winter with some form of detox. Traditionally this would mean a week eating a mono-diet of kitchari. Kitchari is a soupy stew-like meal of rice and mung beans with added spices like cumin, fennel and coriander. Modern detoxes include things like fruit & vegetable juice fasts or the Master Cleanse (drinking only spicy lemonade).

I admit, these sorts of cleanses aren’t for the faint of heart and you may be thinking “count me out!” However, don’t altogether rule out marking the change of season with a pause. It might help you transition to winter a little easier. Here are some ideas of how you might do just that:

· Clean out your wardrobe of summer clothes (we even needed them this year!) and store them away for the winter. Bring your winter boots and jumpers to the front. Give them space to breath.

· Eat stewed apples for breakfast maybe add a little spice of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom. Cooked apples help to reduce the summer heat in body and prepare it well for the winter ahead.

· Go a week without (or reduce) a habit like coffee/chocolate/wine/Facebook/Netflix insert your own vice. In that time evaluate how that habit serves you.

· Start a 2-minute meditation practice. We’ve surely all got 2 mins to sit quietly and pay attention to our breath! No special equipment required. If you need help with this one, try It’s free and chock full of lovely guided meditations.

So, use the rest of October to give yourself the gift of a break from your usual habits and routine.

Happy pausing


Clare x


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