Deep Rest for Clear Action

Are you like me and watching current world events with a yearning to do something useful? Here’s what I have been doing…practicing and sharing Yoga Nidra regularly. Sound bizarre to you?

If you don’t know Yoga Nidra, it is the practice of deep rest. Nidra actually means sleep and is a profoundly restful experience. Practiced regularly, Yoga Nidra becomes your superpower. It works on the level of the subconscious mind which allows the physical body to fully relax and deeply calms and soothes the nervous system. Most of us have lost the knack of resting well and this practice reminds us how to do that. As we rest and let go, the body’s natural intelligence steps forwards to rejuvenate and refresh all the layers of the body.

My feeling is that being deeply rested is a statement of power. It is not a common state to be in but in my opinion, one that is desperately needed especially just now. I’d go as far as to say that fully rested people are dangerous…at least to the status quo. They are able to think with clarity and to take ‘right’ action. Rested people have the energy to see their world as it really is. They wake up to incongruency and have the energy to take strong, brave actions to adjust their world and have influence on others to do so too. Tired people put one foot in front of the other each day, get by, get annoyed by injustices but they don’t have the time nor the strength to get involved. Those that are rested pull from their deep well of vitality to rise up against discrimination, disparity, inequality, unfairness. The world needs people like this, more especially now, people with clear thinking, vitality, strength and drive to stand up for what’s right, fair and just.

Yoga Nidra is a really gentle and easy way to rest well. It is practiced lying down on the floor, a yoga mat, your bed, supported with cushions and pillows. As you rest, your guide ushers you through a meditation-type body scan. They do the work and you allow yourself to be guided. A 20-minute practice feels like 2 hours of great sleep.

There are many Yoga Nidra resources online (and hopefully in person again someday 😊). If you’re interested in joining my class, we meet on Tuesday evenings at 8pm via Zoom. Click here to sign up.

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