Connection is Your Birthright

I had the great pleasure of having an early morning breakfast catch up with some of my ex-work mates this week. What a joy to see them in person again after such a long time and to catch on their chat, news and their jokes. It got me to thinking about how vital connection is to us humans.

We are such social creatures and that's what made these pandemic months/years so hard for a lot of us. Having said that, these 'at home' days gave us a real chance to use connection methods that were new or less familiar to us. Some things actually work better. For example - Yoga Nidra! Rather than rushing to get to a yoga space, having a lie down for 30 mins and then having to get yourself going again to drive or walk home, you can happily be in your own space - your bed or your living room floor - get yourself warm and comfy, stay there as long as you need to and then emerge whenever you like. How luxuriously decadent!

Yoga Nidra at home is a great way to connect to the group and also to connect to yourself in a deeper more meaningful way.

If you'd like to attend one of my online Yoga Nidra classes you can find out more and book here: I'd love to see you there.

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