Capacity, Stability, Compassion

You don't have to be a feminist or even a woman to be appalled by the recent news from America. It's hard for us progressive souls to even contemplate how that decision makes any sense! But is there anything that we can do?? I've been asking myself that very question.

It is my belief that a rested body is one with capacity. If we make self-care our priority, we invest in ourselves, in our ability to respond, in our ability to make changes, to trust ourselves, and to have a positive influence on those around us. We are able to experience crystal clear thinking and to build the ability to consider new ideas with discernment, even ones that are challenging to us. We can do all this with stability, with our feet on the ground, with tolerance, compassion and understanding.

In contrast, being over-tired, over-worked, over-whelmed and stressed leads us to scattered thinking, worry and fear. In this state, it is easy to feel pushed around by external events and to continually feel the feelings of being out of control. I'm not saying don't get angry. Anger is a useful emotion, but when anger comes from a place of fear and instability, it can easily take us over. Similar to the way an out of control fire rips through a dry forest, anger from a place of instability leaves us feeling, exhausted and drained. If the fire comes from a grounded, stable foundation, it can be a useful catalyst for transformation, for change. The fiery impetus can help burn up old debris and allow room for new growth, new thinking to sprout.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted by life and all that is going on in the world? If you are and you need some respite, you might consider ClareCare as place of refuge. At, it is our mission to help people create that foundation of stability, capacity and ability to respond with discernment.

If you’d like to talk more about what is going on for you at this time, you might book a Clarity Call with me. This is a free 30-minute chat to understand more about your current reality and to explore how we might help you. Please note: These calls are not the hard-sell kind of conversations. They are for you to talk through what is foremost in your mind. I find that the very act of expressing all that you are feeling, through conversation, to be an amazingly good way to start the healing process.

Alternatively, if you are downright exhausted by all that is happening at the moment, we are offering 2 Yoga Nidra classes this week on Tuesday and Thursday both at 9pm, to help you recover and to ease your body and mind. You can book these classes here:

I look forward to seeing you.

PS You can book your free clarity call here:

PPS If there is someone in your life that needs to hear these words today, please direct them here.

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