Being Too Busy Ruins Your Life

Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Are you so busy that you've no space to think? It can seem like life is gathering speed at an alarming rate, especially since the easing of lockdown and this could really be harming you!

People who have no time, care for themselves much less, they eat less well, sleep less well and generally have a less fun experience of life. Do you wish it was different?

At ClareCare, it is our mission to demonstrate a different way to live and with great success. We successfully guide people to find a rhythm that allows for the pulsation between busy and rest. We lead people to find their inner compass, which helps to prioritise what is really important. It is not so hard when you have the right support, although it might take some courage to step off the hamster wheel.

Continuing to do what you have always done will only get you more of what you've already got. If that's what you want then no sweat, but if you'd like to have a better experience: feel happier and more spacious in your body and mind, have time for yourself and what matters to you, then you need to take some action. One way would be to book a Clarity Call here: to start that process. Talking through what your current reality is usually a great starting point and then often the next action reveals itself.

Another way to slow the busyness, might be to join our last Yoga Nidra class of June online, tonight at 9pm. You can book your place here: I'd love to see you there.

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