Autumn Clearing

Autumn is a time of transition from the light, bright fiery months of the summer into the lighter, drier, more subtle months of autumn, where the days gradually shorten, and we move towards the darkness of winter. Ayurveda encourages us to take a pause in the autumn to ready ourselves for this darkness. Are you in this habit? Or do you race from one season to the next without really noticing anything but the calendar clicking forward? If you do pause, you might notice how tired you are, how overwhelmed you feel, how a few excess pounds have crept on without you noticing.

So what does this pause look like? Well, for me it comes in the form of an Ayurvedic cleanse. I take 2 or so weeks to go inwards, simplify my diet and rest from too much activity. It’s a time of clearing, cleansing, refreshing and makes me feel fab!

It doesn’t have to be complicated or too serious though. You could do take a break from your favourite ‘addiction’. Some ideas to get you thinking: you might stop drinking wine or coffee or eating chocolate for a while, you might do a digital detox, watch less TV and read a book instead, cancel all social engagements for a week, you might stop getting takeaways and eat home cooked foods instead. Any of these would be a great to do at this time. Are you up for it?

Before I took this regular break, I suffered. I got ill, I felt burnout, I’d get tired and irritable and wonder why! All of this would transfer into winter in the form of colds and flus, my energy wasn’t predictable, and I would get heavy and stagnant and I would wish for summer again. I really don’t experience any of this anymore. Instead, I feel buoyant, vibrant and energetic. Without my Autumn and Spring resets, I know that wouldn’t be possible.

With Love

Clare x

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