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Autumn Reset Cleanse - Ayurveda Style

Release and Rejuvenate

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Available until 4th October 2021 - Extended until Friday 8th October!

ClareCare Autumn Reset Cleanse is here!

12th - 23rd October 2021



A 12-day guided and supported journey, to cleanse and reset your body and mind , so you can move towards winter with calmness and clarity

The dry heat of the summer can collect in the body and cause digestive issues, inflammation and feelings of anxiety and exhaustion. Add to that the windy, dry energies of autumn helping to fan the flames of summer heat, and you  have a recipe for an uncomfortable winter. Embark on this gentle autumn cleanse and we will help you address these issues and more,  to ensure that you enter the winter season with ease, peace of mind and clarity. 


Haven't experienced a cleanse before and worried that it might be a bit extreme for you? 

Here at ClareCare we will take really good care of you during our Autumn Reset Cleanse. You don't have to know about Ayurveda or Yoga. You can come as you are and learn through your own experience how it is to feel great in your body and mind. We will look after you at each step and offer supportive help if you get stuck or experience issues. We're here to hold your hand through this.

Ayurveda is clear that one size does not fit all. So it doesn't make sense to approach a cleanse that way? The ClareCare Autumn Reset Cleanse has been set up so that you can tailor your approach to your needs. No matter where you are starting from, we will help you approach this cleanse in way that is achievable for you.

What is the ClareCare Autumn Reset Cleanse?

Over 12 days, we will help you:

  • get clear about your goals

  • set yourself up for success

  • guide and support you through the process

  • address any issues you have




3 live Zoom calls

( on 12th, 14th and 19th October 2021)

Autumn Reset Cleanse Guide Book

A comprehensive guide book that gives you all the information you'll need to set yourself up for success. It also includes tips and worksheets to support your journey

Autumn Reset Cleanse Recipe Book

Packed full of recipe suggestions, detox teas and spice ideas

Facebook Group

Our way to support each other in our dynamic group*

Call recordings will be posted here and access to the guide and recipes books

*Dynamic Group

Ever tried to do something transformational on your own?

If you have you'll know how hard it is!

Research in behavioural science tells us that the quickest and easiest way to make transformational change is to do it together with a like-minded group. That's why the ClareCare Autumn Reset Cleanse has been set it up with your success in mind.

Going through this process as an individual and as part of this group, with a shared intention of cleansing, is a powerful thing.

The group is set up to learn from and support each other.